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Marine Sales

Australian Marine Centre is a main outlet for Marine Sales in the greater Brisbane – Gold Coast areas. Representing top boating brands like Formosa Alloy and ultramodern motors like Evinrude E-TEC, AMC offers a well-rounded, high quality range of boats, outboard motors and boating accessories. AMC Marine Sales are online which makes shopping for the boat of your dreams that much easier.

AMC Marine Sales include a vast range of used boats from luxury to tinnies and since they can be viewed online at AMC’s website, you know you’ll get your money’s worth and then some.

In fact, when viewing AMC’s collection of used boats for sale every bit of information you could imagine is right in the listing. On the Australian Marine Centre’s main page, look at the menu and click on the heading boats. Then select used. Now scroll through the boats on offer and when you find one that trips your fancy click on its corresponding avatar (small photo). This will open an entire page devoted to the one entry and tells you everything you need to know from the size of the boat to how much horsepower it sports, how many engines it has and what type of fuel it uses. Contact numbers are of course included along with dealer information.

Marine Sales just got simpler with online support and you don’t even need a home PC – AMC websites are accessible on smart phone, iphone and even tablets.  If you’ve been thinking about getting out on the water AMC Marine Sales online just made it easier to put your thoughts into action!

Australian Marine Centre has a fully operational workshop in Springwood staffed with the best marine technicians on the coast. AMC  also has mobile units that can service your boat (in most cases) on the water so your holiday isn’t wasted tracking down a mechanic or dragging your boat back home for repairs. The team at AMC really would prefer you spent your holiday enjoying your new boat rather than sitting with it in dry dock.

Need a Marine Sales centre ? Contact Australian Marine Centre today!

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