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Fishing Boats for Sale in Queensland

Seriously, how can we live on the world’s biggest island and not be weekend fishermen? Fishing just comes naturally for Australians and the best place to fish (be it fresh or salt water) is in a good sturdy boat, out in the middle of one of Australia’s bountiful rivers, lakes or coastal shores.

And believe it or not, the best place to find Fishing Boats for Sale in Queensland is right online at the Australian Marine Centre website. All boats, new or used, luxury or tinny, outboard motors and boating accessories are all featured in this huge online one-stop shop for all things marine.

At AMC both categories of new and used Fishing Boats for Sale in Queensland include top brands like Formosa, Aquamaster and Savage. In fact, the latest available 2012 models recommended for fishing are:

  • 2012 Formosa 520 Centre Console
  • 2012 Formosa 520 Deluxe Supercab
  • 2012 Aquamaster 4.20M Open
  • 2012 Polycraft Challenger 4.10 Side Console
  • 2012 Savage 455 Piranha Side Console

Each AMC listing for Fishing Boats for Sale in Queensland include all the information you need to make your selection with confidence. From the specs of the boat itself to the type of engine to the asking price (in Australian dollars) getting all the particulars of either the new or used fishing boat of your choice is as easy as scrolling your mouse and clicking.

Australian Marine Centre is located in the heart of the Gold Coast shores in springwood. They maintain a fully staffed workshop to handle all boat repairs and maintenance and even have a mobile unit that can service your boat off-site.

Convenient online shopping, authorised agents for most top name brands of sport and fishing boats and a full service maintenance crew – AMC really knows how to get us in the water. I can feel the tug of that reel now!

Looking for Fishing Boats for Sale in Queensland? Look here:

Australian Marine Centre
07 3808 7333

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