Fishing and boating are passionate pursuits for many Australian families, and for a good reason. There are few better ways to spend the weekend than to go out on the water and unwind with your family and friends. If you’ve been dreaming of getting in on this action, now is the perfect time to look for an alloy plate boat from Bar Crusher, or one of many other trusted brands at Australian Marine Centre.

While fibreglass is a popular construction material for boats, alloy plate or aluminium hulled boats are an excellent choice for several reasons. An alloy plate boat is generally the more affordable option when choosing between the two, and works just as well in many situations, especially on freshwater lakes and rivers. While some brands of aluminium boats have a poor reputation for leaking or splitting / cracking, the high-quality vessels built locally by Bar Crusher were made for harsh Aussie conditions and are so well-regarded by anglers that they are fondly referred to as ‘fishing weapons’.

Australian Marine Centre is your go-to destination for all things boat-related. Whether you’re looking to buy a new alloy plate boat, or you need service on your watercraft, we’re here in south-east Queensland, ready to help. Feel free to stop by our yard anytime to view our expansive inventory of boats, outboard engines, and boat trailers, or to talk shop with our friendly and knowledgeable team. If you’d like to learn more before you buy, contact AMC at any time. We look forward to hearing from you and are ready to help match you with the perfect boat of your dreams.