Get the Alloy Plate Boat of Your Dreams at Australian Marine Centre

Fishing and boating are passionate pursuits for many Australian families, and for a good reason There are few better ways to spend the weekend than to go out on the water and unwind with your family and friends If you’ve been dreaming of getting in on this action, now is the perfect time to look... ... read more.

What to Expect from Our Family-Owned and Operated Boat Dealership in Australia

When it comes to buying a new or used boat, you have several options for where to turn While many people go to boating shows with the hopes of finding their next vessel, there are some excellent reasons you should consider going to a boat dealership in Australia instead One such family-owned and... ... read more.

Are You Looking for Bar Crusher 490c, 535, 575c, or 670c? AMC Has It in Stock

Boat enthusiasts know that Bar Crusher is a standard name for good reason As an industry leader with a reputation with solid designs and construction, their boats are suitable for your very first boat and onward Their manufacturing facility in Melbourne produces boats with Australia’s climate and... ... read more.

Bar Crusher Boat Models – 615, 670, 730 and 780, Give A Unique Fishing Experience

Every fisherman takes to the water hoping to reel in some fish successfully Bar Crusher build various models of boats, each with slightly different specifications to give the family fisherman as well as the serious angler the ultimate on-the-water experience However, you will still find within... ... read more.

Treat Yourself to a Haines Signature 535, 580, or 600 Series from AMC Boats

There are many reasons that people love owning boats Especially for people who live on or near the water, owning a boat can provide significant enjoyment and a considerable improvement in overall quality of life A boat can allow you to make the most of your time off work with your family and... ... read more.

Haines Signature 650, 575, 550, and 602f Boats For Sale

At Australian Marine Centre, we pride ourselves on selling premium boats, including the Haines Signature 650 Our team is passionate about boating and fishing, and we are available to answer any questions you may have about purchasing a high-quality boat The number of return customers we have is a... ... read more.

Buy a Bar Crusher Fishing Weapon!

The Bar Crusher range will make any boating enthusiast very happy We work closely with Bar Crusher and our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with their new boat There are also many optional extras, giving you the chance to tailor your boat to suit your lifestyle and needs perfectly... ... read more.

Explore the Best Boats Formosa Has to Offer, from the 660 Hardtop Tomahawk to the Classic 580

Are you looking to take your boating to the next level Whether you are shopping for your very first boat or looking to get an upgrade in both size and performance, Australian Marine Centre can help Also known as AMC Boats, Australian Marine Centre is one of the best places in Australia to shop for... ... read more.

Safe and Spacious Formosa Boats with Centre Cab for Sale at AMC Boats

When the whole family loves the water, but there are only funds for one vessel, the boat-buying process must be given careful consideration Inundated with marketing ploys, flashy gimmicks, and down-right beautiful vessels, sorting out the right boat for the whole family can seem impossible... ... read more.

Aquamaster Boats Brisbane

Multi-Purpose Aquamaster Boats Are Ideal for Australian Waterways When it comes time to invest in a boat, there is a lot to choose from Australian Marine Centre is Queensland’s one-stop boat dealership We buy, sell, and repair new and used boats Our extensive showroom features premium brands... ... read more.

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Boats and Where to Find Used or 2nd Hand Boats for Sale on the Gold Coast

If you’re planning to buy a boat, you may be looking at new options and deciding between the latest models However, if you’d like to spend a little less while still getting the quality boating experience you want, consider seeking out second hand boats for sale on the Gold Coast If buying 2nd... ... read more.

Gold Coast Boat Dealership has New Boats for Sale

One luxury of living on the Gold Coast is being so close to the water At Australian Marine Centre, we can help make your water and fishing adventures more exciting with our varied selection of new boats for sale on the Gold Coast We are a family owned and operated business that takes pride in our... ... read more.

Three Reasons Why You Should Enquire About New Boats for Sale at AMC’s Brisbane Boat Dealership

If your dream is to own a boat someday you shouldn’t wait; the sooner you buy a boat, the sooner you can enjoy time on the water Boating is a versatile hobby and while owning a new boat will make you feel like a Rockstar the benefits are not all in your mind You can find boats for sale in... ... read more.

Looking for Used or Second-Hand Boats? AMC Boats Offers Brisbane’s Best 2nd Boats for Sale

Buying a boat is exciting, but with so many boats to choose from, it is difficult to make up your mind Which boat should you choose, and is it better to buy new or second-hand At AMC Boats we sell both new and used boats Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about boating; we offer sound advice... ... read more.

Save Money with Used Boats for Sale in Brisbane: Bar Crusher, Haines, and Formosa

If you’re looking to take the plunge into sportfishing or are already an established sports fisher, Australian Marine Centre is here to help We carry both new and used boats, but for many people, the choice is not always obvious Whether you’re on the fence or aren’t even sure where to begin,... ... read more.

Buy or Sell Used Boats in Gold Coast: From Haines to Bar Crusher to Formosa, AMC Boats Offers Pre-Owner Boats for Sale

Most people don’t buy cars brand new They understand that the car loses a substantial percentage of its value the moment it is driven off the lot and decide to let another buyer take that hit instead Plus, a car that is well taken care of can still have plenty of life left in it if you buy used,... ... read more.


Australian Marine Centre is excited to announce the inaugural AMC Big Brands Boat Show – 2023 This 3-day event will showcase the best boating brands in Australia – Bar Crusher, Edencraft, Aquamaster, Baysport, Contender, Tidewater and Ranieri Boats You can take advantage of thousands of... ... read more.

The WIN A TINNIE Terms and Conditions.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS AMC Win an Aquamaster Tinnie Promotion   The Promoter is: Australian Marine Centre ABN 43167 229 772 of registered office address: 3491 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek Queensland 4127 The above-mentioned company will be hereafter jointly referred to as the... ... read more.

Win a TINNIE Terms and Conditions.

  TERMS AND CONDITIONS AMC Win an Aquamaster Tinnie Promotion   The Promoter is: Australian Marine Centre ABN 43167 229 772 of registered office address: 3491 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek Queensland 4127 The above-mentioned company will be hereafter jointly referred to... ... read more.

The Baysport 605 Offshore AMC Spec is launched.

Australian Marine Centre has released a highly spec version of the Baysport 605 Offshore We have collaborated with a select group of suppliers to create a very special fishing rig - The Baysport 605 Offshore AMC Spec  This rig includes a selection of additional premium options: Simrad NSS12... ... read more.

The Bar Crusher Blitz – On Water Day

The Bar Crusher Blitz is on-water test day being held at the Gold Coast Seaway AMC will be showcasing a 670HT, 670XT, 615C, 615XSR and 535C We would love to see you there The Date: Sunday 3/12/23 Times: 9am to 3pm Location: Seaworld Drive Boat Ramp Muriel Henchman Drive, Main... ... read more.

Where to Buy the Most Talked-About Aquamaster Boats in Brisbane

Few aluminium boats on the Australian market are as respected as Aquamaster, a local Brisbane-based manufacturer that specialises in building an array of quality, highly versatile and durable aluminium boats If you’re looking for a centre console, side console, open boat, half-cabin, bowrider or... ... read more.