At Australian Marine Centre, we stock a large selection of new boats which include Aquamaster Alloy Boats, Bar Crusher, Haines Signature Boats & SmartWave.

Since 2005 we have earnt an awesome reputation for being amongst one of the best in recreational sales and service. Our expert team aver very knowledgeable, providing great customer service, competitive pricing and great after-sales support that you just can’t get anywhere else.

We offer a variety of boats for customers, their families and friends. If you love to fish, are a water sports enthusiast or just like leisurely boating, we can help you find the perfect boat to suit your lifestyle.

We invite you to browse our new and used boat showrooms to learn more about the fantastic boats we have for sale here at Australian Marine Centre.

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Aquamaster 5.3m Half Cabin

Aquamaster 5.3m Half Cabin $45,990

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Aquamaster 5.30m Deluxe Centre Console

Aquamaster 5.30m Deluxe Centre Console $37,990

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Bar Crusher

Bar Crusher P.O.A

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Haines Signature 675C

Haines Signature 675C $129,990

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Haines Signature 650F Hardtop

Haines Signature 650F Hardtop $115,990

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Haines Signature 600C

Haines Signature 600C $84,990

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Haines Signature 543SF

Haines Signature 543SF $62,990

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Haines Signature 543F

Haines Signature 543F $62,990

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Haines Signature 525F

Haines Signature 525F $48,990

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Haines Signature 495F

Haines Signature 495F $37,990

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Haines Signature 485SF

Haines Signature 485SF $43,990

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Aquamaster 4.15 Open

Aquamaster 4.15 Open $6,990

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