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Aquamaster Half Cabin boats are ideal for longer trips and just the thing for getting your family out on the water! So versatile, they are perfect for cruising, fishing and water sports. Durable and tough enough to handle a variety of conditions, you will love taking out an Aquamaster Half Cabin boat for the weekend.

Choosing an outboard engine for your Aquamaster Half Cabin boat doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Our Sales Team know which outboard engine is best suited to each model for better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value to suit your boating lifestyle and demands. For more information on Suzuki outboard engines, visit our Suzuki tab.

For more information or to customise a package, visit Australian Marine Centre or call and speak with our Sales Team on 07-3808-7333

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Aquamaster 530 Half Cabin

Aquamaster 530 Half Cabin P.O.A.

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Aquamaster 5.5m Half Cabin Boat

Aquamaster 5.5m Half Cabin Boat P.O.A.

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Aquamaster 6.0m Half Cabin Boat

Aquamaster 6.0m Half Cabin Boat P.O.A.

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