Boat enthusiasts know that Bar Crusher is a standard name for good reason. As an industry leader with a reputation with solid designs and construction, their boats are suitable for your very first boat and onward. Their manufacturing facility in Melbourne produces boats with Australia’s climate and waters in mind, so you end up with a vessel appropriate to your surroundings.

AMC carries many Bar Crusher models, but one series that stands out as an excellent choice for sportfishing is the C Model or the Cuddy Cabin Series. All are built with sportfishing in mind, but each of them has specific distinctions that are worth exploring before coming to a decision.

What Are the Differences Between the Models of Bar Crusher, 490C and Up?

The best way to understand the distinctions and which model is best suited for you is to compare them side by side. Look at the selection of Bar Crusher boats in stock, or learn about the differences here:

  • Bar Crusher 490C – This model is the number one choice for entry-level boatmen boaties?. It represents an upgrade from the absolute basics and serves wonderfully as a family-fishing boat. The 490C is built tough and rugged to ensure that it can handle whatever conditions it finds itself in (another perk for first-time boat owners, as they may inadvertently deal some unintended damage). In exchange for this durability, the 490C does trade in some more sensitive features and agile handling.Nevertheless, the cuddy cabin in the 490C makes for a safe and secure place to store gear and leaves ample room fishing (fishing room) between the cockpit area and the substantial internal depth of the boat. Finally, this boat is small enough to be easily towed both on the water and off – coming in at 840kg dry weight, you don’t need a heavy-duty truck to bring this to the water.
  • Bar Crusher 535 – Representing the next step up, the 535 is a value-oriented model. It’s great for solo or group fishing and is easy to manage even by those still inexperienced in sportfishing. The design features both the Delta Flare and Quickflow® water ballast outlet to keep the boat low during fishing and cresting high when at speed.The 535 is also an increase in capacity, being a little larger and improving rod storage in the side decks and bait board while offering an option for clip-on rear seating to provide a more comfortable experience. The 535 hits all the points for an excellent all-around utility and entry boat.
  • Bar Crusher 575C – The 575C takes the benefits of the entry-level models and combines them with added features. These include an even more sizable cuddy cabin and a folding rear bench, letting the 575C open up far more than you realise when you first step in.The 575C has another added feature in the convenience of being able to remove the bait table to instead re-tool the boat to make room for a ski-pole, adding another dimension to a fun day on the water.
  • Bar Crusher 670C – Simply put, the 670C is the top of the line(replace with: a very capable & sought after model). There are numerous features to simplify your boating experience. Optional systems include the Bar Flap™ which lets the 670C toggle between shallow water and rough water configuration as needed.Between the tremendous internal depth and flexible stow-away functions of the gear and seating, the 670C maximises fishing area and takes the benefits of the smaller models and combines them all into one phenomenally high quality boat.

Find Your Bar Crusher at AMC

If you want a little more information or have already made your decision, we’re happy to help you. Contact us with any questions you have – we offer both new and used boats, so we’ll find the right boat for you on your budget.