Every fisherman takes to the water hoping to reel in some fish successfully. Bar Crusher build various models of boats, each with slightly different specifications to give the family fisherman as well as the serious angler the ultimate on-the-water experience. However, you will still find within every model of Bar Crusher boats an excellent design, quality build and superior technology. At Australian Marine Centre, we are the proud supplier of the locally built advanced plate aluminium Bar Crusher fishing boats which are commonly spoken of as “fishing weapons”.

Bar Crusher 615 Model and More

Whatever your fishing style, you are sure to find a vessel that will suit your requirements within the Bar Crusher series. The Bar Crusher 615WR has been created to have a maximum walk-around ability so you can fish off any area of the boat. The C series or cuddy cabin series is designed for in-shore and off-shore fishing with features that make the boat ideal for rough waters as well as fishery? while at rest. Alternatively, the 615BR is a great all rounded boat ideal for fishing as well as various other family activities such as water skiing.

For versatility, the Bar Crusher 670 in the hard-top series is essential for the serious angler. This model can handle the extreme off-shore conditions that can rear up while still giving an outstanding ride. The Bar Crusher 730 is a bigger and more solid build for the extreme fisherman yet is not heavy to tow or power through the water. The Bar Crusher 780 is also an ideal boat for long-range offshore fishing. With a toughened safety glass windshield and hard top, it has full standing room and a 360-degree view from the helm that is unobscured.

Outstanding Performance

Being a real-plate aluminium boat, the Bar Crusher series has a sub-floor that is constructed using the Rigideck system. The longitudinal and triangulated frames that tie the sub-floor together make these boat hulls the toughest around while providing support and braces in all directions to cope with the most strenuous of sea conditions.

The Waveslicer and Quickflow systems make for a soft and smooth ride with exceptional stability when the boat is at rest. The greater depth to the V (18-20 degrees instead of as little as 10 degrees) allows the boat to slice through the choppiest of waters for a smooth ride. Meanwhile, the Quickflow water ballast system fills with water when the boat is at rest which lowers the chine further into the water for more significant stability.

If you’re looking for a boat that is light to tow, economical to power, and easy to maintain, then the Bar Crusher series is perfect. The aluminium design makes them tough, functional, and durable, so they are easy to launch and retrieve without having to be careful about acquiring damage. The maintenance of these boats is simple with the fully-sealed floor meaning bait and muck get washed out easily, and after a quick hose out they can be parked up.

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