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Australian Marine Centre is a leading supplier of Bar Crusher boats, one of the best high-performance plate aluminium boats on the market. You could travel the world over and struggle to find fishing boats that compare, in terms of design, performance and quality. That’s why Bar Crusher boats are so popular among Australian anglers and fondly referred to as “fishing weapons”.

Built in Australia to outstanding manufacturing standards, Bar Crusher pride themselves on building boats designed for tough Australian conditions. Exclusive innovations are crucial to the superior performance of Bar Crusher boats. Just some of these are the ultra-smooth, non-pounding v-shaped hull, the Waveslicer; an expertly engineered Rigideck sub-floor system and a high-tech water ballast mechanism known as Quickflow.

The Bar Crusher range suits all fishing styles. Models include the BR (Bowrider), C (cuddy cabin series), the HT (hardtops series), HTP (hard top pilothouse series), WR (walk around series) and the XS and SC models (centre and side console series).

Within each model/series, Bar Crusher caters to a variety of budgets and needs. There are entry-level boats ideal for the casual fisherman and boats designed for long-range, offshore expeditions.

We offer a variety of competitive Bar Crusher boat packages for sale and have many models available in the yard and on order for those looking to purchase a Bar Crusher today.

Would you like to find out more about Bar Crusher boats? Please feel free to give our expert team a call today on 3808-7333.

To learn more about Bar Crusher Boats, check out Bar Crusher’s Boat Buyer’s Guide, it’s your first step towards owning a true fishing weapon!

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Bar Crusher

Bar Crusher P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 585HT G2

Bar Crusher 585HT G2 P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 670XT

Bar Crusher 670XT P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 670WR

Bar Crusher 670WR P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 670BR

Bar Crusher 670BR P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 615BR

Bar Crusher 615BR P.O.A.

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Bar Crusher 615C Exocet

Bar Crusher 615C Exocet P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 670HT Exocet

Bar Crusher 670HT Exocet P.O.A

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Bar Crusher 670XS

Bar Crusher 670XS P.O.A.

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Bar Crusher 615XS

Bar Crusher 615XS P.O.A.

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Bar Crusher 535XS

Bar Crusher 535XS P.O.A.

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Bar Crusher 615WR

Bar Crusher 615WR P.O.A.

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