The Formosa Tomahawk range will make any boater very happy. We work closely with Formosa and our customers to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new boat. We also offer many optional extras, giving you the chance to tailor your boat to suit your lifestyle and needs perfectly. We have several models in stock at all times, such as the Formosa Offshore, a popular choice among this brand’s loyal fans. AMC are the longest standing & most experienced Formosa Tomahawk dealer in Australia.

Why You Should Choose a Formosa Tomahawk Boat

Formosa Marine is an Australian company that celebrated their 20-year anniversary in 2018. We have been selling their excellent boats since 2005. Formosa builds aluminium plate boats designed for strength, performance, and stability. Each boat is exceptionally built to handle the Australian environment with ease—the kind of ease that comes from two decades of boat-building experience. Whether you want to stay close to home to do some fishing or go adventuring around the most remote parts of the Australian coast, you will be able to find a Formosa boat that is perfect for you.

Formosa Tomahawk boats feature a V2 Hull, which is ideal for any conditions. The V2 Hull features underfloor cell design, sharper deadrise, larger storage, and greater hull strength. The brilliantly-designed ergonomic shape, expansive freeboard height, and high beam can make you feel as if you are on a much larger boat while still providing the freedom and manoeuvrability of a smaller, faster boat. At Australian Marine Centre, we are proud to offer Formosa boats including the Formosa 620 (480 Centre Console) and the Formosa 550 Half Cabin.

How to Care for Your Boat in Six Easy Steps

  • Wash your boat regularly and if you ever take your boat into saltwater, be sure to rinse it thoroughly after every single trip. Salt can corrode metal very quickly and damage the hull and interior.
  • Use soap that is formulated to protect the finish of a boat so you don’t damage your investment. For many people, boating becomes a way of life, and buying the correct cleaning supplies should be part of that life.
  • Change the oil in your boat engine regularly. A good rule to go by is to change the oil for every 100 hours in use or at minimum once per year. Make sure you know how to perform this maintenance or leave it to the professionals so you don’t accidentally do more harm than good. (change to: Ensure that you maintain your boat engine annually, our professional service team can look after all of this for you utilising genuine parts & lubricants.)
  • Make checking the propellers part of your pre-launch checklist to ensure nothing has become tangled in them (especially if you have an outboard motor) and check that the propellers are secured properly. You certainly don’t want to get stranded in open waters because you didn’t check everything ahead of time.
  • Inspect your propeller as often as possible, because old fishing line can often get wrapped up around the shaft of the propeller. If it has, make sure to have a professional inspect the boat to ensure no damage has been done to the engine or gear case.
  • Care for the interior of the boat just as much as you care for the exterior. That’s where you will be spending all of your time on a boat so maintenance is essential. If the interior of your boat is made of wood, this step is even more important. Be sure to clean thoroughly and regularly and your boat will last for many, many years.
  • Your boat trailer is just as important as the boat & motor. It will require annual servicing also to ensure that the brakes, bearings & other components are in good order.

Contact us so we can answer your questions about our Formosa boats. We are proud to offer friendly and reliable service. Join the Australian Marine Centre family today.