If your dream is to own a boat someday you shouldn’t wait; the sooner you buy a boat, the sooner you can enjoy time on the water. Boating is a versatile hobby and while owning a new boat will make you feel like a Rockstar the benefits are not all in your mind. You can find boats for sale in Brisbane at AMC Boats, and our staff can help you to select a vessel with all the accessories you need.

Boating is an Activity for You, Your Friends and Your Family

Like a shiny car, when you drive away from a boat dealership in Brisbane towing a new boat you will attract admiring glances, and you might find that strangers want to become your friends, but unlike a red two-seater convertible, a boat is something you can enjoy with others.

When you own a boat, you can spend time with your family and friends away from TV, social media and other distractions. You don’t need to worry that someone becomes bored either. On the water, there are activities for people of all ages, from tanning and chatting while relaxing on the deck to skiing, swimming, and diving. You can stay in one place and fish, or slowly trawl along the banks and do sight-seeing. In time, you will find that some of your best memories were made while boating.

Reduce Stress and Enjoy Health Benefits

Being on the water is a healthy way to reduce stress and immerse yourself in your surroundings. Spending time outdoors helps you to forget about work and recharge your batteries, and natural scenery and beautiful sunsets are the perfect way to refresh your spirit.

If you enjoy being active, sports such as skiing, swimming, and waterboarding are strenuous exercise. You will be having so much fun and cooling off in the water that you won’t even notice that you’re having a good workout.

Boating is an Excellent Investment

Apart from paying for your boat, when you look for boats for sale in Brisbane, you also need to consider fuel costs, mooring expenses, service, and maintenance. Many people blanch at the cost of a new boat, but when you think about the enjoyment you add to your life and the value of a long-term investment, buying a new boat makes more sense than buying a new car, and it’s an affordable form of family entertainment.

If you stay within your budget and choose your boat carefully, you will get more years of use from a boat than a car. Many boats pass on from one generation to the next within a family, but if you decide to sell after a few years, you will find that your boat has a higher resale value than a car.

AMC Boats is Your Premier Boat Dealership in Brisbane

Australian Marine Centre, also known as AMC Boats, first opened its doors in 2005. Since then the dealership has changed hands, and now we run it as a family business where our customers receive excellent deals when they shop for new boats for sale in Brisbane. We also sell used boats, boating accessories, and spare parts and we can service your boats and equipment.

Don’t buy a boat until you’ve talked to us. Contact AMC Boats to find out what boats we have in stock; we will help you find the best boat for your budget and lifestyle.