SCBX by Seachange Boats is the latest brand of boat built by The Haines Group. Each SCBX boat is made using RIVALE technology (Resin Injection Vacuum-Assisted Low Emission), a unique boat building process that delivers fewer emissions and more consistency and strength.

SCBX boats are a 4.85m open fibreglass boat that can carry up to four passengers, with a maximum 80hp rating. There are four models to choose from, and they are all fully customisable, so the possibilities are endless!

SCBX has revolutionised Australian boating and we welcome you to Seachange!

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Seachange Boat - SCBX 16CS

Seachange Boat - SCBX 16CS From $20,256

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Seachange Boat -  SCBX 16OC

Seachange Boat - SCBX 16OC $17,353

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Seachange SCBX 16T

Seachange SCBX 16T From $16,789

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Seachange  Bare Hull - SCBX 16BA

Seachange Bare Hull - SCBX 16BA $13,850

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