Buying a boat is exciting, but with so many boats to choose from, it is difficult to make up your mind. Which boat should you choose, and is it better to buy new or second-hand? At AMC Boats we sell both new and used boats. Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about boating; we offer sound advice and excellent customer service.

Which Boat Should You Choose?

An aluminium fishing boat is ideal for anglers who want to spend time on the water in estuaries, lakes and rivers, and it’s the most affordable boat for first-time owners. This type of boat is lightweight and durable, but it is limiting because there’s no steering control except the tiller of the outboard motor (not every aluminium boat is tiller)It’s not a good choice if you are looking at used boats for sale in Brisbane with water-sport and family outings in mind.

All-purpose fishing boats perform well in both salt and freshwater. They have a helm and steering system, and if you fit a trolling motor, it’s the ideal fishing boat for experienced anglers as well as beginners.

If you are looking for an all-rounder, fish and ski boats are the most versatile second-hand boats for sale in Brisbane. They bridge the gap between a family day on the water and outings exclusively for fishing. With ample seating, you can arrange a layout to suit your activities, and there is space for a trolling motor and a tow pole on occasions when you want to spend the day skiing.

Selecting One of Brisbane’s 2nd Hand Boats Can Save You Money

Unless you’re buying a classic boat with a distinguished pedigree your boat’s value, like that of a car, will depreciate over time. It might be tempting to buy a brand-new boat, but the same make of used boat at a reduced price is better value for money in the long run.

If you are a first-time boat-owner, you don’t only have to budget to buy a boat; all the essential extras such as emergency medical supplies, flares, signal flags, and life-jackets can add to the cost. A used boat might already include many of these items, saving you money and giving you a good start with your boating hobby.

Another advantage of selecting one of Brisbane’s 2nd hand boats is that it may come with after-market equipment that the previous owner fitted. Boaters love to add gadgets such as GPS’s, charts, fishing equipment, electronics and bigger outboard motors and sails to their craft. If you buy a boat with customisations, the add-ons could be worth thousands of dollars, and you will receive it at below-new price levels, making your second-hand boat more comfortable and enjoyable to use than a new one.

AMC Boats Offers Outstanding Service in Brisbane

When you buy a pre-owned boat from AMC Boats, you can rest assured that it’s been checked thoroughly and serviced before we put it on sale. When you purchase from us, you will receive a safe and reliable, quality boat and you can expect extended use and many pleasurable outings on the water. If you don’t live close by, our local and interstate delivery service and bring your boat to you.

Contact AMC Boats to find out about second-hand boats for sale in Brisbane. Our experienced staff can help you to select a boat which suits your budget and is best for your needs.