If you’re looking to take the plunge into sportfishing or are already an established sports fisher, Australian Marine Centre is here to help. We carry both new and used boats, but for many people, the choice is not always obvious. Whether you’re on the fence or aren’t even sure where to begin, take a moment to learn about the benefits or our used boats for sale.

Search Through Many Brands, Including Used Bar Crusher Boats for Sale in Brisbane

We carry a rotating selection of used boats for sale. As we have a broad spectrum of boat enthusiasts who return time and again, these get updated with new options every month. You can view the current inventory here, which includes more than a few Haines, Bar Crusher, and Formosa boats.

AMC also ensures that you don’t need to be concerned with undue wear and tear for used Haines boats for sale in Brisbane, or any of the other brands we carry, such as Formosa and Bar Crusher. Each boat is carefully inspected and considered before being accepted by our buyers, and then put through our professional workshop to ensure the boat’s safety and integrity.

Beyond that, the reason that we are enthusiastic about Haines and used Formosa boats for sale in Brisbane is that we’re working with the names and brands that we trust and use ourselves. It’s our personal touch that can help you decide, whether you’re on the fence between two options or aren’t even sure where to begin.

Why Turn to AMC When You Need a Boat?

There are a few distinctions that really make AMC stand out when it comes to used boats. As a small business, we are both flexible for and focused on one thing: our customers. The staff who answer the phones are the same ones who are happy to walk you through the lot and answer your questions about the used boats in stock.

Further, we’re conveniently located in Slacks Creek, so Brisbane residents can even find a boat that catches the eye and drive down to our lot that very same day. We’ve been in business since 2005, so our team has over a decade of experience providing the high-quality sales and service work that gives a lot of first-hand knowledge.

Our focus on high-quality products is evident in our attention to the most important names in boats. By heavily stocking Formosa, Haines Signature, and Bar Crusher boats as well as being an Elite Suzuki Marine Dealership, we’ve taken the time to develop a reputation for trustworthiness, backed up by the quality workmanship of our service workshop. Whether for aftermarket maintenance, trade in, or new sales, our customers always find a reason to come back again and again.

Visit our contact page to submit enquiries. You can also find links to our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay alert to the newest boats that end up for sale on our yard.