Most people don’t buy cars brand new. They understand that the car loses a substantial percentage of its value the moment it is driven off the lot and decide to let another buyer take that hit instead. Plus, a car that is well taken care of can still have plenty of life left in it if you buy used, and you can take advantage of that life for a fraction of what you’d pay for a new vehicle. All the same arguments could be used to encourage the purchase of a used boat. At Australian Marine Centre (AMC Boats), we carry new and used boats in many brands. If you are exploring used Bar Crusher boats for sale in Gold Coast, in other words, we are the right place to start.

The Perks of Buying a Boat Used

At AMC Boats, we love new vessels as much as the next marine enthusiast. To be sure, there are benefits of buying your boat new that are a lot harder to come by if you buy used. When you buy new, you get a beautiful, shiny and brand new piece of hardware. You get to be the first person to take the boat out to sea, to make it your own. You can buy exactly what you want regarding size, features and technology, instead of being at the mercy of a limited used boat market. You get the peace of mind of knowing that the manufacturer’s warranty is in place, just in case something goes wrong. Simply put, there are a lot of great things about buying a boat brand new.

With all that said, though, some things will send you searching for used Haines boats for sale in Gold Coast. The most obvious perk of buying used is the price. Pre-owned boats will always have depreciated compared to new models. Often, this depreciation means you can get a lightly used, like-new boat for 30 percent less than you would pay for a new vessel. Some of the deals you can find on used boats deliver value that is simply difficult to beat.

With used boats, there is also a funny peace of mind of knowing that you aren’t blazing the trail. You don’t have to be the person to put the first scratch on the boat. Plus, if the debate is between buying a brand new Formosa boat that just went on the market for the first time a few months ago and exploring the market for used Formosa boats for sale in Gold Coast, the used boat will be the better model. If you buy a new boat right when it goes on the market, you will get the privilege of discovering these flaws on your own. If you buy a used boat, you can always use the internet to research what other boaters have to say about the vessel.

Explore AMC Boats to Find Used Haines, Formosa or Bar Crusher Boats for Sale in Gold Coast

If you are interested in finding used Formosa, Haines or Bar Crusher boats for sale in Gold Coast, start by checking out our stock at AMC Boats. Alternatively, if you have a boat that you are ready to sell, consider working with us to sell it on consignment. Either way, contact us today to learn more.