Are you passionate about fishing? Minn Kota will have you catching more fish than you can possibly imagine using the latest Minn Kota technology!

Bolt a Minn Kota electric motor onto the bow of your boat regardless of whether it’s a humble tinnie or a big Haines Signature, Bar Crusher or Formosa Marine plate aluminium boat and when breezy conditions and strong currents make it impossible to anchor, use the Minn Kota spot lock to open up a whole new world of fishing!

If you think Minn Kota motors are limited to shallow, calm water fishing, think again! These salt and fresh water motors play an essential role in all types of fishing and handle the wind, tide and swell with a very accurate electronic GPS anchor.

Focus on your fishing and let the Minn Kota do all the work, it will be the difference between a shot at a fish or being left wondering.

We stock motors and accessories here at Australian Marine Centre and they can be factory fitted. Just let us know when designing your new boat package and we can advise the factory to install it when building your boat.

Innovative, capable and convenient, the Minn Kota range will revolutionise the way you fish. Get ahead of the game and give us a call on (07) 3808-7333 for more information on these exceptional electric motors.


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