Don’t own a boat but want to get out and enjoy the water?

Then you need to come and see us at the Australian Marine Centre. We can help you choose a new or used boat from our extensive selection.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at how many options there are for boats in Brisbane, it’s a good idea to figure out your style and decide what you want your boat to do for you.

Here are some options that might speak to you. 

Fishing Boats

  • If your main activity when you get out on the water is fishing, a fishing boat is just your style.  


  • A bass boat is great for freshwater fishing, while a convertible fishing boat is designed more for offshore fishing. A bass boat usually features a V hull and a low freeboard. 


  • A convertible fishing boat has a cabin, galley and berth since you’ll likely be out on the water with it for extended amounts of time. 


  • An express fisherman boat is ideal for higher speeds and are perfect for offshore fishing. 


  • Choose a fish ‘n ski boat if you want to combine fishing with water sports like jet skiing or water skiing. 


  • A centre console boat makes it easy to walk from bow to stern and are one of the top choices for offshore fishing. 


Leisure Boats

If you want to spend your time on the water relaxing and enjoying the day, a leisure style boat is probably more your speed. 


  • A cuddy cabin seats several people and has room for storing food and drinks so you can take it out and enjoy a meal and time with friends and family. 


  • A deck boat is great for parties and large crowds with lots of space to sit and participate in swimming and other water sports. 


  • A high performance boat is your best choice for racing or for high speeds on the water. 


  • A houseboat is a fun choice for families and come equipped with kitchens, bedrooms and dining areas. 


Other Boats

We also sell a wide range of other boats for any and all of your needs from low power to high speed. In addition, we also sell motors and boat trailers so you can focus on enjoying your time on the water here in Brisbane. 


Come on into the Australian Marine Centre today and have a look at all the boats we have in stock. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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