Brisbane is an ideal location for many boating fans, having a number of sports boat spaces, as well as fishing locations and sightseeing options.

If you want to join the many thousands who enjoy owning boats around Brisbane, then the time is never better to start looking for vessel options.

At AMC Boats, we can offer you both new and used boats for a variety of purposes, including sports boats, sightseeing vessels and fishing boats that can be used on the Queensland coast. 

Find your perfect boat

Although most boats look similar to the casual observer, they are usually created with specific purposes in mind. Whether you want to water ski, cruise around the bay, sightsee whales and dolphins, or go fishing, you will need a boat that meets those needs. If you are buying a new boat, then you should consider finding one which has the best performance to cost ratio. 

Choose easy and fun

While boats might be purpose built, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook other potential boats which might be easy to use and fun to handle. Compromise boats can be a good investment, particularly if you are buying second-hand.

Mix your options

Compromise is easy if you realise that some boats can be used for more than one occupation, despite their intended purpose. For example, you can use fishing boats for water sports, and some fishing vessels will even double as cruise vessels for sightseeing trips. If you want to entertain, then you might choose pontoon boats or motor yachts, or deck boats, which can also be used in water sport adventures. Keeping your mind open will be really important when you look for a purchase. 

Stick to your budget

You need to set a budget before you walk into AMC Boats’ showroom, because it is easy to fall in love with a powerful boat that won’t really meet your needs. You can even have boat financing arranged in advance, so that you can’t over-spend when you are looking at possible vessels. Buy with that strict budget in mind. 

Get help with choosing the perfect boat

If you are new to the world of sailing, then you may need help when choosing between boats in Brisbane. This is where we can help you, because we are specialists in boating around the Brisbane area, and have a host of boats that will meet your needs. To find out how AMC Boats can help you. call us on 07 3808 7333 today

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