For many Australians living on the coast, owning a boat is a great lifestyle choice and a fantastic opportunity to explore and enjoy our wonderful waterways.

Whether you are new to boating or have been boating for many years, AMC Boats have a great range of fishing boats and family boats in Brisbane on display.

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Buying the right boat

If you are a beginner sailor, what age vessel will you want?

Do you want something that is brand-new, which is likely to be expensive but may last for longer, or would you like your trial boat to be something which is more affordable, at least first time around.

Do you know what type of boat you want? For example, something sporty and fast, or a trailer boat for fishing sessions?

Viewing documentation

Once you find a boat that is suitable for you, it is essential that you view the title documentation.

This is the registration certificate, which will need to be Brisbane-based, and documents to transfer the title which allow you to trace the origins of the vessel.

Checking for liens and outstanding debts

If you are buying a second-hand vessel, then it is important that you check the vessel for unpaid mortgages and other debts.

You can do this via the property’s securities register, as long as you have the identification number of the vessel known as the HIN.

Speak to an accredited boat dealer

When you are looking for, both new and used, it makes sense to buy from an accredited dealer like AMC Boats.

These may tend to talk to you in boating lingo, but they can help you to learn more about your boat and feel comfortable with your purchase.

Sea trials

Not many buyers realise that they can take their vessel out for a water test, known as a sea trial.

This will allow you to assess the way that the boat handles in the water, and how it feels in your hands.

It is best to do this when the sea is slightly choppy, rather than completely calm, so that you can assess the boat fully.

Visit an established seller

When you are looking for boats for sale in Brisbane, you need to find an established seller like AMC Boats.

We can help you to find the perfect vessel for your needs, so start your enquiries with an online message, or call us on 07-3808-7333 today.

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